"Easy Lift" Earring Lifters

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If you notice your earrings not sitting upright where they should, you need Easy Lift. The must-have beauty breakthrough that safely secures your earring to your earlobe, lifting them to make them look better. You’ll feel more beautiful and more confident. 

Simply slide Easy Lift onto any earring post and notice how your earring sits more upright, feels more secure, and looks more beautiful.

  • Hypoallergenic & Adjustable for Earrings of Various Sizes
  • Concealed design behind ears to avoid attention
  • Helps with bad piercings, stretched lobes and heavy earrings
  • Each order contains BOTH the Gold and Silver Earrings to match any outfit
  • Choose from our selection of Gold or Sterling Silver that best compliment your earrings. To place, hold from the back tabs and make sure the heart is facing upwards.

  • Slide the post of your earring into the opening on the Easy Lift as you would with any earring back. Tighten or loosen as needed to fit your earring.

  • If too tight, place on a flat surface and insert a credit card, or even your fingernail, between the two backing clips to loosen the clutch. If too loose, pinch the backing clips together to tighten the fit. 

    • Product Material: Sterling Silver / 18k Gold Plated
    • 4 x Easy Lift Earring Lifters
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